Happy Thursday!

Hope you all are having a good week so far, the weekend is almost here again!  I am getting really excited about this next week coming up.  I have a portrait shoot on Sunday and then will be traveling to cover two Gold Cup soccer matches on Tuesday in Detroit and two matches in Charlotte on Thursday.  It is always exciting for me to get to cover soccer.  I love shooting portraits and working with people as my main avenue for photography, but there is just something about getting back to doing sports photography that really gets me amped up.

Today I plan on spending some time working on some ideas for how to proceed with the video blogs.  I want to plan out a series of instructional videos that you all can follow along with.  The biggest thing I need to figure out is frequency.  Originally I had planned on once a week, but I’m not sure exactly how its going to play out now.  I also am going to be working on putting together some promotional ideas to generate some more business over the summer.  I really would like to be booked solid over the summer, so its going to take some work. 🙂

What are your plans for the weekend?  Doing anything fun?

Is there anything you want me to address in the blog / videos?

Please, if you are visiting, comment!


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