Last minute photo shoot

Today I had my first “last minute photo shoot.” I was just sitting around reading some magazines and researching when a friend of mine, who is a videographer, let me know that he heard there was an opening for a photographer for an event at noon.  I looked at the clock and it was 9:30.  Long story short, I booked the event at 10:15.  Had not had a shower yet, and had to drive 30ish minutes to the location.  Needless to say it was a little hectic.

The shoot was for the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.  They were facilitating the announcement that professional indoor lacrosse was coming to Charlotte.  We have been granted a team.  I have never in my life watched a lacrosse match.  But, listening to our new owner, I’m pretty pumped about checking them out when they start in January of 2012.

It was a blast to get to do this, and hopefully I made some good connections in the business community so that this type of work will continue.  I really enjoyed meeting the owner, Graham, especially.  A great guy.


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