Its all about the bling!

Today I have been spending a good bit of time practicing jewelry product photography. I have a test shoot tomorrow for a local jewelry store and I want it to go perfectly, so its been practice practice practice all weekend. This has been a ton of fun, and a good learning experience. I’ve built a mobile product studio to do the testing so that I can take it all with me to set up at their store and not have to worry about too many variables. This was definitely a tricky process because it is not entirely the same thing as taking pictures of engagement rings or wedding rings because you want it all in focus and not so much artistic style. It has been a great experience, and I’ve learned a ton. Its something a little new to me and understanding how light works on things like diamonds is not always the easiest. So, here are a few examples of rings I found around the house. One of the rings happens to be my wedding band and it REALLY needs to be cleaned! 🙂

I hope you all enjoy these!


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