My Reflection

An image from one of the first professional shoots I did. Shooting a high school football game for in October of 2010.

Sometimes you see, or hear, news that really shocks you into thinking about your own reality.  The past month has been a big reminder to me about why it is so important that I keep fighting to make this dream of mine come true.  During the past month I’ve had my grandfather pass away, I’ve had friends lose loved ones, and saw where people I know have lost their spouses at far too young of an age.  Its really caused me to sit back and think about how truly short life is.

Its so vitally important that you and I live out our lives as if each day is our last.  If today was the last day you spent on earth, would you be happy with it?

Such a hard question to answer, but for me its simple.  If I got to spend time with my wife, my dogs, my family and I was able to brighten up one person’s day … that is a great day!  The one thing that I have been blessed with that allows me to put smiles on people’s faces is the ability to capture their special moments.  I love being able to photograph families and capture that portrait that will hang on their walls and they will look at and smile when their kids have their own families.  I love photographing an expectant mother and father and seeing the joy in their eyes knowing that their little one will be here soon. I love photographing an engaged couple and showing the world just how over the moon in love they are, so happy to begin their life together.  And finally, I absolutely adore photographing a wedding.  To be a part of the most special moment in someone’s life, capturing that magic moment when their lives are joined together and seeing the pure, unbridled love that overcomes the entire occasion. I love preserving memories.  If I spend my entire life doing this and I make one person smile, if I can cause them to look back and remember a magical moment in their life and remember how wonderful it was, I have been successful.

I am so lucky that I found what I love and that I have this deep burning passion for photography and capturing moments in time.  It may have taken me 29 years of living, 5 years spent in a cubicle in corporate America, and loads of unnecessary schooling (yay student loans), but every bit of it was worth it, if that is what it took to get me to this point.

My wish for each and every one of you is that you are able to find your passion.  Life is much too short to spend it doing something you don’t love.


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