MRM Photography – An Inside Look

What better way to start 2012 than to show you all an interview where I talk about everything it took to get me here today?  A few weeks ago I was asked by Brian Hamlett of Becoming a Business Owner to sit down with him for an interview to discuss how MRM Photographer got its start.  He wanted me to be the first episode of their new show, How I Got Started.  It was a great honor to have the opportunity.  I know when I was first getting started with MRM I loved to watch videos of other entrepreneurs talking about what they did and how they figured things out along the way.  So, I saw this as a great chance to give back.

In this interview, you’ll see me talk about everything from pricing, new customers, how I got into photography, and when I made the decision to go for this full time. This is a very intimate look inside MRM and you can follow along as I go from a student just picking up a camera from Best Buy to a new career as a lifestyle and commercial photographer. I hope you all enjoy it!


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