Downsizing … Me

Today’s post is going to be a personal one.  My entire life I have struggled with weight.  There, I said it.  I am a large guy, I always have been.  Despite playing sports my entire life until college, I always had issues and could never be “skinny.”

About 9 months before my wedding in 2009 I started an intense workout and diet plan that caused me to lose right at 70lbs.  I was so happy, but exhausted.  When I got back from my wedding, I just never got back into the routine.  We moved back to North Carolina from Omaha, Nebraska shortly after and the land of sweet tea and deep fried goodness got me.  I gained most of it back over the last couple of years.

This year I am resolving to change my life.  I know Courtney and I will be wanting to start a family of our own at some point over the next few years and I really don’t want my kid to ever know me as fat.  I really want to set a good example for my kids and I have to start by doing whats right today.

So far I’ve lost 9 pounds and I hope to continue that trend and can write about reaching my goal around this time next year.  But, I don’t want to assign some meaningless number of pounds lost as my goal, I want to change my life.  Its impossible to say I’m going to never have sweet tea again, or to say I’m never going to go enjoy a Five Guys burger.  I’m definitely going to eat at RO’s BBQ again (if you don’t know what this is … you have no idea what you’re missing).  I’m definitely going to down some large cherry lemon sundrops.  The point is though, those need to be treats.  They can’t be normal, everyday options.  It’s going to be extremely hard because I love food, but I’m going to give it my best shot.

I wanted to share something personal today with you all and maybe there are some others of you doing the same thing.  If so, comment below or shoot me an email.  Maybe we can get through this and change our lives together.  God knows its incredibly hard to do anything like this alone!


11 thoughts on “Downsizing … Me

  1. Great Goal!! I am currently in the same boat and I’m gonna try and lose 50 to 60lbs by the fourth of July. I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going with me and please keep me posted in how you’re doing!

  2. Amazing goals and wonderful reasons to reach those goals! Good luck and please do share your progress.
    I have also started a weightloss journey (once again) so good luck to us both!


  3. I am starting to juice for 30 days, I’ve watched this documentary called Fat, sick, and nearly dead and became inspired. Check it out on youtube. I will be blogging through this process. Kicking myself because I’ve never heard of Ro’s!!!

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