Gaining Likes and Exposure

I’ve decided that one of my goals for 2012 is to end the year with 2,000+ facebook likes on the MRM  business page.  Today I have 315.  Now that its in writing I have to make it happen right? 🙂

One of the ways that I plan on accomplishing this is by running promotions on this blog, running facebook ads throughout the year, and greatly depending on all of you to help me spread the word!

There is one other way I’ve contemplated doing this, and some of you may know because I’ve been asking for loads of opinions on this, but I have a meeting on Tuesday afternoon with Living Social.  This is something that I’ve researched and thought about for over a year. They have 235k subscribers in the Charlotte area and could create a ton of exposure relatively quickly.

I’ve read some photographers who did it successfully, but it has to be extremely well thought out. I know they let you set a max amount of customers and I definitely don’t want to get overloaded with customers where I just burn out and don’t make any money.

Initially I was 100% against it, but as I’m realizing how expensive marketing is, it is looking better and better. Its basically about working for marketing. I’m not going to pay my bills on these deals, but I theoretically will get a TON of exposure.

One concern I’ve heard over and over is that the people who buy living social deals won’t ever pay full price so, the customers you get, won’t be long term customers.  My thoughts on this is that I think its only somewhat true.  I personally have used living social to try somewhere out, and then go back normally if I really liked it.  And, even those deal hunters have friends on facebook who aren’t. Those friends will see those images, and IF they are good, will contact me.  That has got to be the hope right?

The reason lots of people seem to be against it is that they take a large percentage of your revenue.  For example, they make you mark your deal down a pretty substantial amount.  So lets assume I come up with a $149 deal.  I’ve heard that most photographers get a 60/40 split, so (if true) for every package sold, I would get $89.40.  So, to be able to survive, I’d need to be able to offer upsell opportunities and hopefully book them for regular shoots.

I’m really hoping to get some feedback from you all on this.  Would you like to see me run a living social deal? If so, what sort of package and price would you want?

If you haven’t liked my facebook page yet, you can find it here:

Please, leave comments or questions below! Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!!


2 thoughts on “Gaining Likes and Exposure

    • Thats a really good idea. I was originally thinking offering a low-res dvd of images so they could use them on facebook and what not, but not actually print them and then upselling the high res dvd. I was also thinking about throwing in a small print credit of like $25 to get them started ordering prints instead of offering specific prints.

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