Two Week Update

So, this is going to be the workout / weight loss update for the week. 🙂

Me after two miles in the rain

Its now been two weeks in 2012, and in my new life.  I woke up this morning down 14 lbs and today is week 2 day 2 of couch to 5k.  I can definitely feel my clothes fitting differently now, and thats a huge psychological step for me.  Its one thing to see weight come off, but when my clothes fit better, or become too big, thats when it really sets in for me.

I can also tell a huge difference in my breathing.  I don’t feel like I am breathing so heavily anymore.  I’m not afraid to admit that last year walking up stairs would leave me breathing hard a little, but now I can definitely tell a big difference.  I guess this is the benefit that I didn’t realize.

I do have to admit though, I really don’t feel like running today.  The past 4 sessions have been easy because I was excited about each one, this one today though, my legs are tired and sore and just do not feel like pounding out 2 miles.  But, you know what? I’m going to anyway.  I have a 5k I signed up for on March 10 and by God I will run it.  I will run the entire thing from start to finish with no walking.  To do that, I can’t be lazy now.

The thing that I thought would be the hardest would be the eating.  I thought cutting calories so drastically would be very difficult, but in reality it hasn’t been that bad.  I’ve discovered foods that I love that are low in calories (like sushi and campbell’s chunky chicken and dumplings).  I’ve also found these little mini ice cream cones at wal mart that are 130 calories.  Its so awesome to get some ice cream as desert and still hit your calorie goals.

Two things I have noticed though, fast food has absolutely stopped.  I went to Chickfila once and thats been the ONLY fast food in 2 weeks.  I’ve also not drank a single regular soda.  I had one diet cheerwine which was great, but I realized that I really didn’t like the carbonation so I haven’t drank that again.  My weakness still is sweet tea.  I did have a large sweet tea on my trip to Chickfila, but I still kept it in my daily calorie limit.  Other than that though, its been 100% water or unsweetened tea.

I have decided though that this Sunday is going to be my blow it out cheat day.  I will still get my run in that day, but there will be some pizza, possibly sweet tea, and dessert involved. 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!!


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