Friday the 13th, not so unlucky!

Yesterday was Friday the 13th, a day many consider to be unlucky.  The jokes were around with everyone I spoke to yesterday about staying indoors and not going out because something “bad” would happen. Well, not for me!

I have been working on a contract with a local jewelry store for weekly product photography for a couple of months now. I did two different test shoots to show my quality and we’ve sent a bunch of emails back and forth trying to work this out.  Well, yesterday on the most unluckiest of days, we reached an agreement to start shooting in early February!  I’ll be going over and shooting different pieces of jewelry every week for the foreseeable future.  I am so excited about this!  Not only is it a steady stream of income, a new client, and possibly loads of exposure to engaged couples who come looking for bridal jewelry, but this is a chance to really fine tune my shooting of details.  I think this will be massive for my wedding photography.  One area that I already consider myself to be strong in is the jewelry/detail shots at weddings, and this will make them even better.  Hopefully this will lead to some more jewelry work on the commercial side as well.  Its some of the most challenging work I’ve done and I LOVE doing it!

Also, yesterday I got a call from Kristin of The Peppermint Lane.  She is a custom children’s boutique and we are going to be shooting some promotional images for her new line of clothing in a few weeks!  I am so excited because I think her work is absolutely adorable!

Now I’m just trying to keep the momentum going!  I am meeting with Stateline Studios tomorrow morning to shoot some of my videos for my new website.  I am so flipping excited to get some of these shot and start seeing what they look like.  I hope that you all enjoy them as well.

Thats it for me, how was your Friday the 13th?

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!


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