Downsizing Me, Week 3 Update!

Since its mid-week of week 3 I thought I’d give you guys a workout / running / weight loss update.  This morning I weighed myself and I’m down 16lbs so far.  This has been a quick loss, but with tons of effort and willpower.  As I’m sitting here eating my Lean Cuisine pizza, fiber one brownie for dessert, and a huge glass of water … I can tell you its not all that easy.

I started out just trying to get my daily calories in order. I was eating way too much, and eating all the wrong things … hello brownies! One thing I’ve done is to have a Syntha-6 shake for breakfast.  I had been doing this before, but I was using skim milk.  I switched to water to mix it, and instantly saved 400ish calories.  It was little things like this that I’ve discovered along the way that has really helped.  The other bit is trying new stuff.  This Lean Cuisine pizza for example, is absolutely delish!  Its under 400 calories for lunch and its really pretty decent pizza.  Check it out!

The other way I’ve done this is starting the couch to 5k program.  I started week 3 yesterday.  I’ve ran a total of 14 miles so far and I can’t believe it to be honest.  I hated running, but now I really love it.  I actually look forward to my next runs because I want to see if I can do it.  The feeling of accomplishment is immense.  I see it getting harder and harder everyday, but I know I can do it.  Thats the beauty of this program.  The first couple of weeks is about building up your confidence.  Now I feel totally confident that I can tackle whatever run the program throws in front of me, and thats because I have trust they that know what they are doing because I’ve been able to push myself and do each challenge so far.

So, now I’m up to running a few minutes at a time in multiple spurts.  Thats huge for me.  It may not seem like much to some of you, but running a few minutes solid multiple times, is something I wouldn’t have been able to even fathom a couple of weeks ago. I highly recommend this to ANYONE who’s trying to get some exercise mixed in to their routine.  Its roughly 30 minutes, 3x a week.  There is no excuse not to!

So, 3 weeks in and 16lbs down.  Not too shabby of a start. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Downsizing Me, Week 3 Update!

  1. Not too shabby?! That is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations and keep doing everything that you’re doing!

    I LOVE the Lean Cuisine BBQ Chicken Pizza – YUM YUM YUM! It is absolutely delish!

    Im not quite there yet with there the weight loss nor the excitement to excercise – but I’ll catch up with you soon hopefully. HEHE. I’m down about 6 pounds and I’m on week two. I walk alot (uphill) on the treadmill – can’t yet get the hang of running.

    Good luck to you and keep the updates coming!!

    • Thanks! I will definitely pick up the BBQ Chicken Pizza next time. Today I have the regular ol pepperoni.

      The running thing was so hard for me, but I swear this couch to 5k is unreal. Its so flipping easy to get started. Highly suggest trying it. The biggest thing though is finding what you are comfortable sticking to for the long term, thats the only way to really make a big change!

      As long as you are down, thats all that matters!

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