Ups and Downs

Today started off a little down because I found out that in all likelihood that I am not getting a pretty big job that I really wanted.  There are many excuses and some reasons that I could throw out there as to why I didn’t get it, but the reality is that my images just weren’t good enough in the company’s eyes.  And you know what? That’s fine.

These things happen.  There will be many jobs that I won’t get that I really wanted, and they’ll be jobs that I get that I never expected.  Its just part of the territory.  But, what I can control is getting better.  So, today I am dedicating myself to spending a few hours each day working on product photography.  The main thing I’ll be focusing on is light.  I need to get a better understanding of how light works with different objects and the best ways to eliminate glare / shadows / imperfections.  To go along with this, I’ll be spending a few hours each day working on my photoshop skills.  I am realizing more and more that extreme levels of photoshop are not only wanted, but are required for high end commercial work.  It is admittedly an area that I am not that good in, so I’ll be correcting that over the coming weeks and months.

The funny thing is, as I was kinda down on myself earlier, and watching endless tutorials about lighting and photoshop, my phone rang.  It was a bride, completely out of the blue who was inquiring about me shooting her wedding.  I’m telling you, that made my day. 🙂

I love anytime someone talks to me about photographing anything for them, but to get a call out of nowhere about a wedding is one of my favorite things.  It means that I’m starting to get myself out there more.  Reaching out beyond my family, friends, and neighbors.  I feel like those are big steps and I’m so excited to see where this year takes me.

Thank you all for coming along for the ride!


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