Its My Birthday!

Today I turned 31.  That seems pretty old.  Sometimes I still can’t quite believe I really am in my 30s.  But, I’m also extremely glad that I am.  I love getting older. 🙂

Looking back over my life so far, I am one seriously lucky dude.  I got to marry the girl of my dreams, I’m living out my dream of being a photographer, I’ve been on the field photographing a major soccer tournament (Gold Cup), got to be on the field to shoot a Manchester United match, traveled to Russia, Greece, Mexico, all over the Caribbean, I’ve met some seriously awesome people, lived in multiple places around the country, and I have some of the best friends that I could possibly ask for.  My life rocks. 🙂

So, to celebrate my birthday I will be heading to my favorite place to eat for dinner … The Melting Pot.  I LOVE that place!  Courtney and I tend to go there at least 3-4 times a year, and sometimes more. 🙂  I’m thinking I may go see the new Underworld movie afterward, but still undecided.  Also thinking sushi for lunch!

Courtney also bought me tickets to the Bobcats game tomorrow night which I am super pumped about because I love the Bobcats and they are giving away free jerseys!  Another thing I’m super excited about is that I have arranged for a big ol’ cookout at my house on Sunday to celebrate.  My family, Courtney’s family, and my grandmother are all planning on coming and I am SO excited!

Don’t forget that you can help me celebrate!  If you purchase my January special by midnight tonight, you’ll get a free $25 print credit!  Just email me at or call 704-612-9991.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I am so thankful for all of you!


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