Beautiful Skin for a Beautiful Bride

Today I have a pretty cool guest blogger for you all!  Jackie Hermann is not only a friend of mine, but a bride!  I will be shooting her wedding in March and she wanted to take some time to help you all look your best on one of the most important days of your life!

Every bride wants beautiful, flawless, glowing skin on her wedding day. There are several easy steps to get the skin you want without spending extreme amounts of money or a ton of time. The first, most important step to glowing skin is to establish a twice-a-day skin care routine, preferably a few months to at least one month before your big day.

Did you know your skin begins the aging process in your twenties? Your skin slows down the collagen-producing process and over time skin begins to sag and wrinkle. Also, did you know that when you do not cleanse your skin nightly, that you are aging your skin by 7 to 14 days?! Yuck! By simply cleansing, exfoliating, freshening and moisturizing day and night, you can remedy damage and rebuild younger looking skin. This can take no longer than 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes in the evening, and you are totally worth it!

Cleansing your skin alone will clean, exfoliate, and freshen/tone your skin. The second most important step is moisturizing. This is critical to the skin care process because it helps to hydrate for soft, smooth skin and protects it from damage. Many young people are nervous to moisturize for fear of clogging pores or because skin is oily. Even if your skin is naturally oily, a great oil-free moisturizer will help balance your skin’s oil production and help prevent shine!

Two favorite products to help you achieve that “wedding day glow” are from the Mary Kay Timewise Collection. The 3-in-1 Cleanser and Moisturizer set covers the five essential steps to beautiful, healthy skin and are personalized for normal to dry or oily to combination skin. The MK Timewise Moisturizer is oil-free and provides moisture for up to 10 hours.

These quick steps and amazing products can deliver beautiful, glowing skin not only on your wedding day but for years to come. Be sure to check in next week for a new lesson!

For more information or to schedule a FREE consultation please contact me at, visit my website at, or call 704-582-2739. I am happy to help you achieve your skin care goals!


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