Holy Crap Friday

So last night I went to a small business workshop at CPCC and quickly discovered that it was more tailored to people who were looking to start their own business, not really for small businesses that are already running, so I decided to sneak out about half way! 🙂

Since I left early, I decided to head up to the roof of the parking deck I was at and get some skyline images of Charlotte, here is one:

So, now on to the holy crap part.  As many of you know, I do have a day job.  I do contract work for Bank of America.  Well, today I was just informed that my current position will not be extended past the end of this month. Holy Crap!

Well, now I have to figure out if they will place me in a new project within the same department.  If not, I either have to actively look for another day job, or sink of swim with photography.  My heart tells me to really go for it with photography, but I’m scared out of my freaking mind.

I’m thinking about running some outrageous special for February to help aid the transition in March.  But, right now I’m just honestly confused, scared, nervous, excited, and feel like the world is just a mess right now. Its literally been less than an hour since I got the news, so my head is still spinning a little.

What should I do?


9 thoughts on “Holy Crap Friday

  1. Wow indeed. Well, you seem to have talent in a few areas. With support from home, I am sure that you will make something work out. Stay strong.

  2. ont’s very clear that you are talented and have a passion for photography. Life sometimes throws you these blows leaving you in a state of “mind fog,” this is done not to place you in a state of panic but to perhaps change your course of thinking. The good thing about all of this is that you have already started on your career, you unlike many others have a back up already in place!!! I guess you have to ask yourself if corporate America is what you want or if you’re ready and willing to step out on faith? Ironically I was just placed in a similar situation and Ive decided to step out on faith.

  3. Thanks Leesah and Rich. Right now I just feel like a tornado just blew through my life. I know what I want to do long term, I’m just scared that I’m not ready to take the leap. For the next three weeks I’ll just be pushing really hard to see if I can really make this work full time. 🙂

  4. So, I can only speak from experience as someone who ended up leaving a job to start a business 2 weeks before I got married (VERY trusting wife huh?!) and who has faced his fair share of scary moments being a business owner (sort of in one right now!) I may be telling you something you already know to do, but this process has ALWAYS helped me!

    Here’s what I do in moments like that:

    1) Shut off all noises (TV, radio, cell phone, even the PC system sounds)
    2) Grab a pen and notepad and sit down on a comfy chair NOT in front of a computer or near your cell phone (these will only cause distractions or even cause you to react in panic and start trying to figure out how to “fix” the problem)
    3) Write down at the top of a fresh page “I was just told that my job ends in about 3 weeks” (Don’t try to sugar coat it, you need to see, recognize, and accept what you were just told and what it means so that you can work past it. Some would disagree, but I find this helps me get over the “panic” stage of what just happened so I can focus my thoughts.)
    4) Start a new section called “Family Needs” and write down all the needs that your current job was paying for and ONLY what it was paying for (even if it was everything, but in your case maybe your photography was paying for something. Don’t include that.)
    5) Start a new section called “True Family Needs” and write down the most important items from the list made above PLUS what you KNOW your photography business will need, cutting out what is more of a “want” than a need (just for now) and add up those monthly costs and highlight it below this list called your “Target Monthly Goal”
    6) Start a new section called, “What I truly want to do and what I’m truly passionate about”
    7) Underneath this write what you would truly love to do as your career and why (the key is the “why”.) This is important so that you can see for yourself in writing what your heart is trying to tell you that you want to do.
    8) Now ask yourself, “If this is truly what I want to do and I know why I want to it with my whole heart, then do I believe that I can make ___________ (enter target monthly goal amount here) within the next 30 days?”
    9) If your answer is “yes,” then I believe you should seriously consider taking that step of faith to move on with your own business. You have to believe in yourself that you can do it before I believe you should try… even if it would be “easy” to make whatever the monthly amount is you should still believe in yourself that this is what you can and want to do, because if you didn’t love doing it… eventually it would cause a problem that could eventually lead you back to a stressful situation.
    10) If not, then I would consider diverting some of your effort in your business to begin looking for an alternative job elsewhere or for another project within BofA

    Just my two cents from my own experiences and how I try to handle them! Let me know if I can help in any way!

    Sorry if this is long!

  5. Thanks Brian! Thats pretty much the process I immediately went into. I’ve been trying to plan for this day for months, so its not that huge of a transition, but you never are completely ready. It took me a few hours to get out of that pure panic mode, but I’ve definitely cleared my head now and plan on formulating a strategy over the weekend for how to properly utilize these next few weeks to hit the ground running. I’m still scared out of my mind though.

  6. As your mom, you know that dad and I have always told you and jennifer that you can do and be anything you want. Your photography is fabulous and I know that you can make it work. This decision has to be yours and Courtneys and God’s. I am praying for you both. I know that whatever you chose you will be a success. Love you!

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