Super Sunday

I know many of you will be locked into the Super Bowl later today.  I haven’t decided yet if I’ll watch the whole game, but will probably check out the commercials and flip over to the game every now and then.  Plus I have a shoot this afternoon, so I’ll probably be editing photos during the game. 🙂 The big game for me happens much earlier.  Manchester United takes on Chelsea at 11am EST on Fox.  You all should watch and cheer on United! 😉

Those that have followed my blog know that I do believe that the universe has a way of making things work out the way they should.  After the news on Friday, I really felt a range of emotions and didn’t really know what to do.  Well, since then I’ve spoke with potential clients about 2 weddings, multiple lifestyle photo shoots, a local company about product photography, and basically agreed to a very large jewelry product shoot that will be out of town later this year.  That’s in roughly 48 hours … on a weekend … unreal.  Now, I haven’t signed any papers on those, but they all are highly likely to get done judging by our preliminary conversations.  Just the fact that all this interest hit exactly at the moment I was feeling the most lost and nervous makes me think everything is going to be ok. 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the game!


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