A Bride’s Natural Glow

Hey everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed all of your Super Bowl Parties! 🙂

Today I have another guest blog from the wonderful Jackie Hermann that will build on her last post.  So, without further ado, here are some beauty tips for all of you brides out there!

Besides having beautiful, flawless skin on your wedding day, most brides desire a natural glow. Instead of spending a beaucoup of money at a dermatologist or with an aesthetician, you can incorporate an at-home microdermasion routine. It is fairly easy, and it is much cheaper than the alternative.

Generally, microdermabrasion removes the older, outer layers of skin which helps to unclog pores, clear acne, weaken dark spots, and lessen fine lines and wrinkles. In turn, this helps to promote new dermis growth which gives your skin a smooth, flawless feel and helps to keep your skin “young”. When you go to the aesthetician or doctor, he/she will lightly spray your face with little tiny alumina oxide crystals much like “sand-blasting” and will vacuum up the sloughed skin. This will cost you anywhere from $75-$200 a visit. It is often recommended to have a series of treatments and a regular maintenance routine. Overall, the number of visits depends on one’s skin, but it can cost altogether around $1000.

Rather than spend this much money, you can easily perform this process at home. A product that I absolutely refuse to live without is the Mary Kay two-step Microdermabrasion set, or “The Super Magic Eraser”! It contains the SAME grade of alumina oxide crystals that dermatologists use, it is FDA approved, and I use it every other night to help keep my skin youthful and glowing. Once I am finished massaging the product onto my face in a outward circular motion—avoiding the eye area—I follow with the second step which is the replenish serum, and this is immediately absorbed to instantly smooth and soften skin.

These two quick steps, following a cleansing routine and only adding a minute or two to your regimen, will deliver beautiful, glowing skin not only on your wedding day but for years to come. Be sure to check in next week for a new lesson!

For more information or to schedule a FREE consultation please contact me at jhermann2@marykay.com, visit my website at www.marykay.com/jhermann2, or call 704-582-2739. I am happy to help you achieve your skin care goals!


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