Getting Exposure

Last night I finally caved into some pressure that I’ve been getting from some close friends (mainly Jennifer over at Pure and Simple Organizing) and started uploading some of my images to pinterest.  Honestly, I’d never really thought to upload them because I figured mainly it would be just other photographers looking for ideas and I didn’t know how much that would actually help me.  But, last night I figured what the heck and just uploaded a photo that I loved from the maternity shoot that I shot this weekend.  Here is the image I pinned last night:

I have to admit, I was startled by how it was received.  It had been repinned 6 times in about 10 minutes of me posting it.  I started looking around at who was pinning it and I realized that yes, there were some photographers, but there were also lots of moms and moms to be that were looking for ideas for their own photos.  And I guess I realized that even if it didn’t directly get me business, it is helping others get great images and I’m cool with that. 🙂

The other thing I’ve done today is sign up over at  This is a site that was referred to me by the amazing Christi Falls, and it allows me to upload albums and easily get exposure to tons of outlets for publication.  Its something that I’m setting up today and I’m hoping to start submitting shoots in the next few days.  I’ve never really dealt with trying to get my shoots published, so this will be a very new and interesting experience!

Its an exciting time right now around here and I’m just loving life.  If you want to see more from the maternity shoot above, check back tomorrow for a full post with loads of pictures!


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